Montag, 22. April 2013

FMX - letzte Neuigkeiten vor dem Start

Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter FM:

Supernatural VFX - Iron Man 3 and Oblivion

Tony Stark takes a short break at FMX before moving on. Just a few days before Iron Man 3 is officially released on May 3 (US Release Date), FMX is proud to host two presentations on the latest Marvel installment. While Weta Digital's presentation sheds light on 32 different Iron Man suits, the seaport environment building and more, Trixter share their professional insights. Joseph Kosinski's Tom Cruise movie Oblivion is also in the spotlight: Pixomondo's talk describes the journey from preproduction in Hawaii to creating complex full-cg environments. Journey on!


Oz, Virtual Production and Virtual Humans

Virtual Production is again big at FMX. David Morin, Chair, Joint Technology Subcommittee on Virtual Production and Chair, Autodesk Film CTO Advisory Council introduces Ron Frankel, Founder and Creative Director at Proof Inc., who focuses on how previs is becoming faster, smarter and more versatile. What's more, The Third Floor provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Oz: The Great and Powerful and Giant Studios explore the significance of virtual production for Jack the Giant Slayer and the videogame Halo 4. RIP or what? As part of the traditional Virtual Humans Forum, Ed Ulbrich, CEO at Digital Domain, presents the resurrection of Tupac for the spectacular 3D hologram performance that impressed a live audience of 90,000 and more than 15 million more online. What's more: FMX welcomes renowned Virtual Humans expert Steven Stahlberg, who set new standards in the creation of virtual female characters, to Stuttgart. The real thing - it's virtual.
Fest Anca

Animate visitors of all ages - Despicable Me 2 and Wreck-it Ralph

Never have metal-goggles been so adorable: Despicable Me 2 is featured at FMX two months before its cinematic release on July 3 (US release date). Mac Guff Illumination's CEO Jacques Bled and Animation Director Pierre Leduc analyze the challenges involved in the creation of the animated film and the popular Minions. Beware of the super-villains: In yet another presentation on an animated delight for all ages, Renato dos Anjos, Animation Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, addresses the challenges of creating and animating video game characters that transformed Wreck-it Ralph into a reference-laden crowd-pleaser.

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